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Effective Vastu Shastra Tips for Men & Women - Marriage, Health & Career

10 Feb

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps us make our lives better by creating positive surrounding. Following the rules of Vastu Shastra may enhance your wealth, improve your health, bring happiness and prosperity. Vastu Shastra rules are works for both men and women. Here we have listed a few tips for both. Following these tips; you may get rid of your own problems whatever they are.

Only a woman can make a house a home. And so, our sages have written more for women in Vastu Shastra. Whether it’s a problem with marriage, health, family or career; there are solutions for all these problems in our ancient Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips for Girl’s Marriage:

For any girl, marriage is always a confusing element in her life. It’s one of the most important milestones in her life. The delay in marriage may worry most of the girls and their parents as well. As per Vastu Shastra, The room of a girl should be in the NW (North-West) direction and if it’s not possible due to space issue; Western and Eastern sides are good alternative options. You should avoid the South West (SW) direction for a girl’s room.

On the other end, if a girl doesn’t want to get married but her parent wishes her. Place a crystal ball in the glass plate in her room in the North East (NE) side.

Vastu Tips for Boy’s Marriage:

For an unmarried boy, the Southern and Western sides are the best suitable for his room. For the eldest son, the southwestern side of a home is well suited.

Vastu Tips for Career for Men and Women:

For professionals, success is influenced by the Vastu of a home she is living in. The main door should be opened towards the South East (SE) direction; this is good for working women.

Things They Do for Bright Career:

When you are working; keep the wall behind as it represents support and on that wall, hang a big poster of mountains; it strengthens your support.

Sit in the South West (SW) corner in a conference room that must be far from the entrance.

Keep plants in South East Corner that supports money growth.

Vastu Tips for Health:

If you are feeling seek, tired, weak; you should spend time on the East side of your home. This is direction is ruled by Lord Indra who is believed to give power to bones, heart, spinal cord and heart.


Since people have been getting the benefits of Vastu Shastra; more and more people have believed in our ancient science. Do you want to be a professional in this field to help people; get admission in Tatyam School of Design – a well-known Vastu Shastra Institute in Delhi offering various courses and provides a scholarship.

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