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A designer must possess knowledge of a multitude of skills

22 Nov

An interior designer’s role is to sell advice. As that advice can directly impact on wellbeing and safety of consumers, especially in a commercial environment, that advice must be qualified and independently measured. Inaccurate advice will incur cost, delay and risk to the consumer which will impact on the designer and their suppliers, causing industry complaints and bad reputation.

A designer must possess knowledge of a multitude of skills. From technical knowledge to costing, the skills of a designer must be fit for purpose, function and on budget for the consumer as well as meet the desired aesthetic on time. Interior designers operate in a variety of commercial and residential sectors such as public space design, retail, restaurant and bar, hotels and residential developments.

Tatyam School strongly believes in practical knowledge and so, all the students at our institute study the design theories including elements, color, texture, line, color, balance etc. and our practical training includes workshops, site visits, demo projects, market surveys, etc. Along with these, we teach our student psychological and sociological aspect of areas which help to get a clear idea of groundwork and which design style will suit to a particular space. So, our bright students will coordinate with the architects, contractors, decorators and project managers to bring out the most possible outcome for the client’s project. Apply Today!
Do you want to make your future bright as a professional interior designer? Apply at Tatyam School of Design – a recommended and best interior design institute Delhi by our former students who are now professional figures in this industry. To inquire about our best interior design courses; call us at +91 9818-873-353 or email us at

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