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At TSD, students are expected to have an enriching and life-turning experience which will enable them to reach new heights in their professional life. We foster sharpening of skills and enhancement of knowledge base in our students through various extra-curricular and curricular activities through faculty who not only keep themselves at par with the current developments but also contribute to the expansion knowledge in their field of expertise. With very congenial and professional environment our faculty makes substantial contribution to the academia through quality teaching, seminars, conferences, etc.

Thus, as a student you certainly are expected to have an enriching and life turning experience that should propel you to take advantage of the new opportunities in life. I sincerely hope that your academic pursuit in Tatyam School of Design will be fruitful and enjoyable in every aspect and the experiences you gain here and the moments you spend here will be cherished by you all your life. Wishing you the very best.